Thursday, February 11, 2010


It seems impossible to me that I would be starting something that would be based on my own reflections, especially since I rarely look in the mirror. I seldom care what I look like, physically, but I have always cared, perhaps too much, about what people thought about me, about who and what I represent. My mother used to ask me: "Paula, if you were accused of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?" My answer then, and my answer now is, "Depends on the day." Each day, however, I try, even guided by my often dim thoughts, (my "cloudy mirror") to reflect the person I want to be, the person I am, and the individual I was created to be, the three of which frequently diverge radically. The impossibility I refer to is that anyone, other than myself, would be interested! Sometimes even my own interest wanes, and I disappear into the thoughts of other clearer reflective beings. I am a reader and a quoter, as you will discover as the blog unfolds. So, welcome! If you got here by accident, there is always the "X" on the corner of your screen. If you dropped by on purpose, perhaps my reflections will prompt your own, and lead to an interaction. I look forward to it! Look, perceive, pause, reflect, share.

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  1. What you say here about identity sounds so familiar to me. I've also always had the desperate desire to please people -- something I know I inherited from my dad. I want so badly to be unashamedly, unapologetically SHARON, but sometimes I get so bogged down in what other people want that I think I lose track of some of that.
    My most recent blog was all about being unapologetic, and that's what I'm working towards - being true to myself and my own feelings and thoughts. But it's hard sometimes, especially when someone I care about thinks I'm going the wrong direction.