From time to time I will be publishing some of my photos here.  Photography is a very recent hobby of mine, and I am truly passionate about it - just not terribly good at it - NOT YET (I believe there is hope!)

For your information, the camera I use is completely amateur equipment; however, I like it very much!  It is a point and shoot Sony CyberShot 12.1 Megapixels, Model # DSC W-310

I am saving up money to purchase the next camera of my dreams.  Haven't dreamed up a brand yet - probably a Nikon - but it will be a Digital SLR with 40-400mm telephoto lens, timer, and remote.  There is some wildlife I can't catch without being at a distance, or unseen.. I'll probably have to settle for a more modest camera before this approx. $4000 beauty comes my way, but I can be patient!

If you have any photos you would like to put up here, just let me know!  Contact info is on the "Contact Me"  page.

Happy viewing!

Some of these photos and/or slide shows have been previously posted elsewhere in my blog.  I've decided to post my photos on this page to save some of you from reading through my schlock to get to them!  Peruse any time - leave a comment if you drop by  Enjoy!

Independence Day Celebration at Long's Chapel UMC

From Smokey Mountain Spring 2010
All photos taken within 100 yards of our house in NC

From The Cherry Tree on White Oak Road

Our very own Sweet Cherry Tree___________________________________


Zoë Alyson Calhoun, 9/7/2010, 7 lbs. 2.6 oz., 20", Red hair, like her Mom and Dad!

Proud Dad, Matt

Zoë Alyson Calhoun - so lately come from God

Granny Paula, overcome with joy

Granddaddy Ashley, singing to Zoë
Dad and Mom with Zoë
Over-the-Moon, proud Uncle Josh

Glowing Mom, Suddie


  1. Beautiful baby! Love the name Zoe.

    Enjoy your new bundle of JOY!

  2. Beautiful baby congratulations to you all!
    Don't worry too much about a camera. I was told by a professional it isn't the camera that makes a great picture it is the person taking the photo.

  3. Ah...she's gorgeous!! Congrats to all of you ...Enjoy!!

    Quite right about the person, Barbara, but a great camera is a big fat bonus... I'd say keep visualizing, Paula :-D

  4. @Barbara and Naomi: Thanks so much for both comments! I am hoping to improve - both my photography AND myself! :-D But, I'm still hoping and wishing for that camera!