Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And now, for today's ode. . .

Once again I resort to my less than off-the-cuff writing.  Due to one-handedness, I'm posting some of my Odes to the Everyday.  Until my one-handedness improves, I will be doing the simpler stuff, like "Copy and Paste," instead of stream-of-consciousness writing.  Do I hear sighs of relief, or some heartfelt "Awwww's?"  Anyway, as this is a gardening and reaping time of year, I present to you my. . .

Ode to My Black Thumb

Whenever I take a morning walk
On a bright and sunny day
I usually take the time to talk
to my plants along the way.
I speak with gentle tone, for
They're dying from neglect
There's much I must atone for-
They've lacked for my respect.
For though each seed was planted
With all my best intent
It seems I took for granted
That they would be content
To grow, without a second thought
from me to fill their needs
and do the daily things I ought:
Adding water and pulling weeds.
The day of reckoning is here
I bow my head in shame
Before the ones I held so dear
And to each gave a name.
Of these withered leaves I ask:
Forgive, please, my mistake!
No more will I take on a task
That needs a hoe or rake.
Vowing this, my slate is clean -
My floral sins forgiven.
And so, to keep my garden green
To this idea I'm driven:
(And pardon me if this sounds sarcastic) -
From here on in, I'm buying plastic!

So, with my UNusual brevity, I conclude, wishing you all enough. . .


  1. Anonymous Cin here, I think this is absolutely delightful. But plastic is pricey, why not enlist the services of a green-fingered lad a few hours a week to keep your foliage safe from that deaded thumb of yours?

  2. Plastic, even though it will melt in very hot weather, is still less expensive than good labor! However, I'm starting to consider using silk/fabric or dried. . .maybe cost more, but a bit more "realistic!" :-D

  3. Ha! Paula, your poem is so funny and very well written! I like it. I will tell my brother to look at your comment and hit the link. I am sure he will get a laugh out of it, too. Thank you for sharing.