Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Ode. . .

Ode to Eating
©2010 Paula Tohline Calhoun

When did the joy of eating
become a sinful passion -
and our senses take a beating
from being slaves to fashion?
The richness of a frosted cake
the salty crunch of chips
are given up, and in their wake
leave rock-hard abs, and bony hips.
Which in and of themselves are good
being slim is no disgrace -
but surely tasting, savoring food
still has its rightful place!
Sweet aromas in the air,
fresh bread with honey dripping,
a newly ripened peach or pear
and dry white wine for sipping.
Can we without a sense of guilt
enjoy in moderation
the pleasures of our stomachs filled
and voice appreciation
for meals by loving hands prepared
and laughter 'round the table shared?
          Here's to the wonderful sense of taste
          I will not have it go to waste,
          or foolishly give up its pleasure
          for the sake of a smaller waist to measure!

Enjoy, with thanksgiving, the pleasures of taste - and remember that moderation is a virtue.  It is a good thing to know when enough is enough. . .


  1. Hi, thanks for contributing to toemail!

  2. Yummy!

    Moderation is key to savoring flavors without expanding like a balloon!