Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Dance of Love

When first I saw you
I wondered
Are you for me,
     Am I for you
     Will we belong to each other?
I show you myself
I love who I am
     Do you love yourself
     Enough to love me?
Will we care for each other,
As we care for ourselves?
     I've learned to receive
     Do you know how to give?

Thankful for instinctive grace
Let us dance -
     In unison we walk -
     We run upon living water!
Our hearts joined, we move -
     To our own life-music,
This endearing, enduring dance of love.

© Paula Tohline Calhoun - 2010

Dear Gentle Readers, I hope you find love, even when you have not sought it, give love, even if it is not asked of you, and nurture love, that it will grow - an ever-broadening, life-affirming dance.  Of all good things, I wish you enough. . . 

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