Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Heartwarming Laugh for the Day

Just scroll down and smile!  This came to me via Ashley via an e-mail he received from an unknown source.

Some people living in Colorado Springs wondered why their water barrel was almost empty
every day. They set up a camera and caught a bear bathing.

Well, he's ba-a-aaa-ck!

Big Al came for his weekly bath again this week. He really looks like he enjoys the experience. He
needs a bigger tub, will think about that for next year.

And so, dear Gentle Readers, I send a laugh and a great big BEAR HUG!  (It's OK - 'cause it's clean now!)
Go out and spread it around, and be sure to hug just hard enough. . . 


  1. That is too cute! Now we know that the bear kingdom has personal hygiene down. Good for them. Cleanliness is "bearly" next to Godliness.

  2. Sweet!

    Love a big old bear bathing in a bucket!

  3. That's great, what a cutie. All the same, I would kindly ask him to leave before he eats any of the pets.