Monday, September 20, 2010

Your Tuesday (or late Monday) "Awwww....."

Couldn't resist posting these after I saw them.  Actually, I have a little stuffed (toy!) hedgehog, about the size of the one in these photos, and the real thing is apparently as cute as the stuffed - or even cuter!  I had a girlfriend in Jr. High School (she was Andrew Carnegie's great-granddaughter) who visited her grandmother in Scotland each summer at Skibo castle. (The castle has now been made part of a public trust, I think!) She would send me postcards occasionally telling me about the hedgehogs in one of the back gardens there and how adorable they were.  She was right!  But, are they pests?  Anybody know?  Whatever - prepare to say "Awwwww. . ."

So, as you see - today I took the easy way out.  I'm working on a more traditional post for the next time - tomorrow or Wednesday, but for now, surely this is enough. . .


  1. That is too cute! Wow!

    I want one!

  2. I agree with Nancy!

    btw, I clicked through from Nancy's post on FB. :)


  3. Thanks, Gretchen! Drop by any time! This is my own village in "Eclectic Blogland." My posts run all over the landscape, and I always welcome comments suggestions,and most of all - otheer reflections!

  4. So cute! If I were to have any little pets that would top the list!

  5. I want one!

    (Anonymous Cin)

  6. Welcome, viewfromtheside! Glad you dropped by! I'll be over to you for a visit soon! Come back anytime! My blog is a VERY eclectic blend of styles, depending upon my mood at the time. Sooner or later you might find something else that suits you! :-D

  7. Original Cin directed me here after I was waxing lyrical about one of these little creatures on FB. A friend is babysitting one for another friend and I fell in love last night - it is just the cutest little thing you could ever imagine! I HAVE TO have one!!